Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)

A project of
University Grants Commission of Bangladesh

Ministry of Education, Bangladesh

Sub Project : To Develop a New Biochemical Research Laboratory for Improving Research Activity in the Department

Dept. of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering(ACCE),NSTU

Specific Objectives of the Sub-project

Plants and animals are the main sources of raw materials. Since we have no sufficient research facilities for extracting and improving raw materials and its quality as well for pharmaceutical and other chemical industries in our country, so establishment of a well equipped research laboratory is very essential. The Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering department of this university (NSTU) is not well equipped. So it is essential to provide necessary equipments to have a modern well equipped laboratory in the department which will therefore help in conducting the research on the said subjects especially in this coastal belt.

The specific objectives are

  1. To upgrade a biochemical research laboratory thus will provide the research facilities to the students and teachers.
  2. To strengthen the research abilities of the students in the field of medicine and chemistry and develop new raw materials.
  3. To save a lot of foreign currency by derivation of new technology from the research.