Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP)

A project of
University Grants Commission of Bangladesh

Ministry of Education, Bangladesh

Sub Project : To Develop a New Biochemical Research Laboratory for Improving Research Activity in the Department

Dept. of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering(ACCE),NSTU

Milestones to Evaluate Sub-project Implementation (Level 1)

Milestones to Evaluate Sub-project Implementation (Level 1)

  Milestones Reference to Specific Objectives Critical Activities Verification methods Assumptions
1. Machinery erection 1 & 2 Machine properly installation and commissioning. Physical inspection,Machinery availability,

Procurement record.

Modern machine selection.
2. New concept/ product development. 2 Feed material preparation and standardized the process parameters. New product availability,Product quality report,

Recognition from other organizations (Publication copy).

Biochemical product development.
3. Workshop/Seminar 2&3 Ensure large number of qualified expert participation. Signature of the participants,Video/Photos.


The research works are completed satisfactory.