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MS Thesis Presentation Date of 5th Batch

Time of published - 10:57 am

The revised date of Thesis presentation of 5th Batch is 8th November, 2017.

Thesis Presentation and Field Work Exam (3rd Batch)

Time of published - 3:10 pm

According to the Academic Committee Meeting (Held on 24/11/2015), Thesis Presentation and Fieldwork Exam of 3rd Batch will be held on 12/12/2015 & 13/12/2015 respectively. N.B: -Student must submit 5 copies of Thesis dissertation and 1 copy of Field Work Report before the exam. – Thesis Presentation duration: 12 mins.

Dr. Newz Mohammed Bahadur  ASH1104023M          Md. Shari Hossain Munsi BKH1104032F           Romana Rahman Rima ASH1104044M          Md. Sabbir Azam ASH1104047M          Md. Esleteak Ashraf BKH1104049F           Yeasmin Akter ASH1104053M          Md. Ashraful Islam Dr. Muhammed Yusuf Miah        ASH1104025M          Din Mohammad Bhiyan ASH1104034M          Md. Barkat Ullah ASH1104035M          Md. Shaheen Alam ASH1104039M          S.M.Arifullah Howlader ASH1104058M          Pollob Chakraborty ASH1104059M          Md. Shariful Alam […]

Seminar on Synthetic Products

Time of published - 4:19 am

Seminar Sub Project CP 2401 of Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) and Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU), Bangladesh are requesting your participation at the Seminar on “Synthetic Products” will be held on 31 March 2015, Tuesday at 11:00 AM in the class room (012002) of the […]

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