Noakhali Science And Technology University

Department of
Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

The Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was established in 2006. Chemistry is one of the foundations of our modern civilization finding applications in a wide range of fields including electronic industry, medical science, cosmetics, textile, agricultural industries, energy and the environment. The objective of the Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering is to provide education and research from the fundamentals of Chemistry to the most recent fields of applied chemical science. The department provides training on the production of chemicals from experimental level to industrial scale of today's use and their safe handling, information literacy, experimental techniques and operation of analytical instruments. Consequently, students gain the ability not only to solve the specialized technological problems, but also to function effectively as a general chemical technologist after graduation. The department is active in producing chemists with technological specialization who are being employed in various chemical process industries at home and abroad.

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Winter Vacation: 2018-2019

Time of published - 10:51 am

Class Routine Dec. 2018

Time of published - 10:43 am

Exam Routine-2018

Time of published - 1:04 pm

New Class Routine-January, 2018

Time of published - 1:01 pm


  • Shukanta Bhowmik

    President, ACCE Alumni Association

  • Sanchita Dewanjee

    Vice President, ACCE Alumni Association

  • Shujit Chandra Paul

    Organizing Secretary, ACCE Alumni Association

  • Shovon Bhattacharjee

    Vice President, ACCE Alumni Association

  • Rajib Chandra Das

    General Secretary, ACCE Alumni Association

  • Md. Abdus Samad Azad

    4th Batch

  • Farhana Afroze

    4th Batch

  • Md. Shahadat Hossain

    4th Batch

  • Abida Sultana

    Officer, Analytical Method Development & Validation Team, Quality Control Department, Renata Limited

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